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        Purchasing Cost Analysis

        • 開課時間:2010年05月07日 09:00 周五 已結束
        • 結束時間:2010年05月08日 17:00 周六
        • 開課地點:上海市
        • 授課講師: Jack
        • 課程編號:87282
        • 課程分類:生產管理采購管理
        • 收藏 人氣:506

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        Managers, Supervisors, Professionals for; Purchasing, Supply Chain, Materials
        Management, Operations, Finance and other persons who have a vested interest in


        As a result of this training, attendees will have a heightened professional level of
        evaluating supplier financial status and conducting cost analysis. They will learn how
        to use lessons taught in their day to day activities as a prerequisite to effective
        negotiating maximize lowest value added price. Participants will do cost analysis using
        real life case studies that emphasize the key elements of analyzing proposals.


        Certification for;"Purchasing Cost Analysis"


        Day 1
        a) Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
        Purpose: To familiarize the student with the various types of costs related to the purchasing
        function and to experience financial analysis with in-class simulations.
        Definition of Cost Analysis
        Purchase Price: But One Component of Cost
        The Importance of Total Cost of Ownership in SCM
        Three Components of Total Cost
        TCO, Net Present Value Analysis (NPV), Estimated Costs
        Supply Management Action
        b) Pricing
        Purpose: To help the student better understand the law of supply and demand and the impact
        on pricing considerations.
        General Economic Considerations
        Price Analysis
        Purchasing Design Work
        Documenting a Price Analysis
        c) Cost Analysis
        Purpose: To introduce and give an overall understanding of financial tools used to calculate
        and manage cost.
        Cost Analysis
        Sources of Cost Data
        Direct Costs
        Learning Curves
        Application of Learning Curves
        Tooling Costs
        Indirect Costs
        Activity-Based Costing
        Target Costing
        Day 2
        d) Cost Measurements
        Purpose: To introduce and give an overall understanding of financial tools used to measure
        and report cost.
        Standard Cost
        Purchase Price Variance (PPV)
        Cost Savings
        Cost Avoidance
        Cost Containment
        e) Financial Measurement Formulas
        Purpose: To present various ways to measure the financial status of a supplier.
        Return on Assets Employed
        Return on Total Assets
        Net Operation Margins
        Current Ratio
        Quick or Acid Test Ratio
        Gross Margin
        Rate of Return of Sales
        Rate of Return Net Worth
        Earnings per Share
        Debt to Equity
        Debt to Net Full Assets
        Assets Turn Over
        Inventory Turn Over
        f) Cost definitions
        Purpose: To introduce and gain a better understanding of financial costs and how they
        are used.
        Total cost
        Standard costs
        Purchase price variance (PPV)
        Direct costs
        Indirect costs
        Fixed costs
        Variable costs
        Semi-variable costs
        Relevant vs. Irrelevant costs
        Life cycle costs
        Opportunity cost
        Activity based costing


        J. Kelley

        Summary of Experience

        President, Inter-Conn
        Vice President, NSI
        Vice President, Simmons
        Director of Procurement, Covad Communications
        Director of Materials, NEC
        Director of Materials, Avis Industries
        Director of Materials & Far East Procurement, TRW
        Senior Advisor, Supply Chain, Unisys

        Mr. Kelley has over 30 years of key leadership roles with multi-national companies. His responsibilities covered Sourcing, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Operations, Materials, Finance, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Logistics, Quality Assurance and Information Systems. International business experience spans nine countries in the Far East, five countries in Europe, as well as Mexico and Canada.

        China experience
        Leading C.P.M. instructor in China
        First C.P.M. to actually work & live in China
        Over 20 years working with Chinese suppliers
        Managed Chinese Sourcing/Purchasing staff

        Professional Attainment / Education Background
        Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.)
        Certified Production and Inventory Manager (CPIM).
        President of a NAPM Chapter
        Vice President of an APICS Chapter
        Founder/President of IPMA-Taipei
        Bachelor of Science degree in Business
        participated in over 25 accredited professional/international business courses

        His accomplishments are recognized in national publications. He has taught professional development courses while affiliated with the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM), the American Production Inventory Control Society (APICS) and the University of Virginia. He is recognized as a subject matter expert in eProcurement and multi-cultural business transactions. His commentaries have been highlighted in Fortune 200 company articles..

        本課程名稱: Purchasing Cost Analysis


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